Instructors: Steve Hill and Tony Fogden
Sessions: 90 minutes
3 classes a week:
Monday: 7.00pm
Wednesday: 2.00pm
Saturday: 8.00am

If the gentle practice of yoga is for you, join Steve and Tony at their relaxing and mindful sessions.

Each class is suitable to all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced.

The classes are structured so that everyone completes the same routine, but to a level that suits them best. Each position has an ‘upper’ (advanced) and ‘lower’ (beginner) posture, so you just work to the level that is right for you.

Steve Hill and Tony Fogden

Steve and Tony are both qualified practitioners of Pranayama yoga. They love to see their students leaving the class feeling calm and relaxed. The mindful nature of yoga appeals to them and passing on the benefits to their class members is very satisfying.

What can you expect?

  • Each session begins with a warm up and preparatory stretches
  • You sit in a firm, relaxed posture, called ‘asana’
  • Breathing exercises, called ‘pranayama’ prepare you for the session
  • A series of movements, postures and stretches follows
  • Cool down stretches and mindful relaxation wrap up the session

You can try out the yoga classes as Steve and Tony are happy to offer you a free session to see if it’s for you – contact VK Gym on 01243 862279 to request a complimentary introductory session.