VK Therapy Lounge – Coming Soon to VK Gym

The perfect complement to your fitness sessions at VK Gym – the new VK Therapy Lounge offers a range of massage treatments:

  • Sports Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Infra Red Lamp
  • Indian Head massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Cupping
  • Kinesiology/Taping
VK Gym - Total Fitness

Are you are struggling with aches and pains, or an injury?
We are now able to tailor a massage therapy to suit your needs.

Or maybe you just want to be pampered!
A good massage is a wonderful way to relax for a while and have some proper ‘me-time’.

Whatever you want, just give us a call on 01243 862279 and we’ll book you in for a consultation so we can chat about how we can help.

VK Gym - Total Fitness

There’s more about each of our therapies below.

Meet the team 

•  Nikki Martin  •  Fiona Simms  •  Faz Chitima  •

Here’s a list of our treatments and pricelists


Full Swedish massage > 60 minutes > £45
Full Swedish massage > 30 minutes > £20
Indian head massage > 45 minutes > £35
Deep tissue massage > 60 minutes > £45
Deep tissue massage > 30 minutes > £20

All treatments will finish with 10 minutes of reiki.


Full Swedish massage > 60 minutes > £45
Full Swedish massage > 30 minutes > £20
Full sports massage > 60 minutes > £50
Hot stone massage > 60 minutes > £55

FAZ CHITIMA VTCT – Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists

Full sports massage > 60 minutes > £50
Tailored massage > 75 minutes > £65
Cupping massage > 60 minutes > £55
Kinesiology taping practitioner > £10
Hot stone massage >60 minutes >£50

Half hour appointments will also be available.

When you train regularly or play a sport, your body is put under stress. Usually there are repetitive movements that you will adapt to, but sometimes your muscles and soft tissues can be put under excess strain. This can result in some aches and pains as you get used to the routine – occasionally you may develop an injury.

Sports massage is a specific technique that manipulates the soft tissues to support and promote healing of sports related strains and injuries. Basically, our job is to get you back in top form as soon as possible.

If you’re not sure which type of treatment would be best for you, come and have a chat – we’ll be happy to advise you.

Modern life puts all sorts of stresses on the human body – from sitting in a chair for hours on end, to working repetitively and strenuously.

That ‘crunchy’ feeling in your neck and shoulders is caused by knots, or ‘adhesions’ in your muscles. There’s only one effective way to iron out those knots and it’s massage.

Swedish massage is the basis of most Western techniques, and is a fantastic treatment to release the tension that can make your muscles feel so painful and stiff. Whether you just want a light, relaxing massage, or a thorough, problem solving session, let us know and we’ll adjust the technique used to suit.

Deep Tissue massage involves more pressure being applied, as it is all about getting to the core of your aches and pains. Sometimes the problems lie deeper in the soft tissues and a firmer massage is needed.

By using an Infra Red lamp, additional gentle heat can be introduced deeper into the muscles and soft tissues. This promotes improved blood flow, and softens the muscles, helping your therapist to work more effectively on any injuries or pains.

The technique is completely safe – we’ll advise you if we think that Infra Red therapy would help you.

This therapy is excellent for relieving tension in your shoulders, neck and scalp. It can be a great way to reduce headaches and migraine, as it promotes improved blood flow throughout the area.

For an Indian Head Massage you will usually be sat in a chair – it can be through your clothes, or you can be wrapped in a towel to allow use of oils, the choice is yours.

If you sit at a desk and use a computer a lot during your day, an Indian Head massage can be an great way to deal with the stresses it causes.

In Hot Stone Massage, smooth basalt rocks are warmed in pure water and applied to the back. The effect is to relax and reduce the tension in the back muscles to allow a more effective treatment.

This technique involves applying warmed cups, or bowls, to the skin. As the air inside the cups cools, it creates a vacuum and this suction raises the skin, pulling it a little into the cup.

The benefits include improved blood circulation, toxin removal and pain relief. The skin can be left marked for a few days. Your therapist can discuss the benefits and any after-effects with you.

Kinesiology is about studying how your body moves – your biomechanics. When you bring it down to basics, your body is a machine, and when it’s working well it will move smoothly and efficiently.

When you sustain an injury, or maybe just develop some bad postural habits, that machine can be thrown out of balance – and it’s not always easy to put it right.

A Kinesiology session at VK Lounge will involve examining your posture and gait (how you stand and how you walk) as well as identifying any injuries or weaknesses. One of the remedies is the use of tape to help correct or support your joints and muscles as you work out or enjoy your sport.

You’ll have seen these tapes on professional sports people at big events – the same benefits can used to help you.

VK Gym - Total Fitness

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