Dean Whitfield

Dean’s story is incredibly inspiring – age 17 he was in a serious car crash. He spent three weeks in an induced coma in hospital, having sustained serious brain injuries. When he woke up he was paralysed from the neck down and the doctors told him he would never walk again. He left hospital in a wheelchair but was determined to prove the medics wrong.

Talk about overcoming the odds – yes, Dean can walk, and much more! He was a semifinalist in Series 2 of Ninja Warrior on ITV, and appeared as a trainer on the Davina McCall series, Make My Body Better, on Channel 4. He’s hoping to have another go at Ninja Warrior soon so keep your eyes peeled for him.

With all that personal experience of rebuilding a broken body, discovering the sheer determination that it takes to come back from serious injury, it’s no surprise that rehabilitation following injuries is one of Dean’s core specialities. As a personal trainer Dean has worked with clients including many physios and doctors. He is highly regarded and holds a number of respected qualifications. He’s a Level 3 Personal Trainer, and holds certificates from the US National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the UK-based PTS. He’s also a Level 3 Sports Therapist, and can treat any form of sports-related soft tissue injury.

He now has 13 years experience as a personal trainer and is happy to work with clients, whatever their current state of health and fitness. He specialises in helping you to create and maintain correct posture and build up your functional fitness, giving you maximal range of movement. 

He loves instilling self belief in the people that he works with. He runs Rookery Fit Farm, an assault course based fitness centre where he trains young would-be military recruits to give them a head start. Of course it can be used for fun fitness training, but it also serves a serious purpose for many of his personal training clients.

We are lucky to have Dean here at VK Gym – if you’d like to talk to him about working with you on your health and fitness call us and we’ll arrange a meeting.