Visit the Gym

Right now, when you walk into the gym, the first thing you’ll notice is the two full size boxing rings – they’re kind of hard to miss!

VK was originally set up as a boxing gym, though as the years have gone by, we have more and more regular gym members joining us. Some, we know, are put off or intimidated by the rings – but we have an answer to that lined up.

From later in 2017, we’ll be taking over the whole of the unit next door and half of it will be dedicated to boxing. That means the rings are moving – and there will be an amazing space dedicated to regular gym equipment.

VK Gym - Total Fitness

Here’s what we have right now:

  • Cardio machines
  • Treadmills
  • Cross Trainers
  • Rowing machines
  • Bikes
  • Resistance machines
  • A full range of resistance machines offering a complete body workout
  • Free weights from 2.5kg up to 75kg

When the boxing rings move move, we’ll have plenty more space:

  • The machines will be rearranged to give each of them more room
  • The free weights area will be expanded to allow more workout area

Over time, more equipment will be added, including:

  • Additional resistance machines
  • More and improved free weights
VK Gym - Total Fitness

The equipment at VK Gym is all very up-to-date and well-maintained. The machines use plate-loaded mechanisms rather than peg-in-a-hole weight selection. This makes them safer and more robust as there are fewer moving parts – it’s kind of hard to explain, but if you pop in we’ll show you how it works!

We ensure all members know how to use the machines safely and effectively. Believe us, you can spend time pumping away on the machines, but if you’re not maximising the efficiency of your movements, you can waste a lot of effort for little gain.

With the right technique you’ll improve your effectiveness and get results faster.

There will be a free weights area in the main gym, along with exercise mats and all the best kit to help you achieve your goals.

VK Gym is pretty good now – and in a few months it’s going to be amazing.

But don’t wait til then to get started! Come and join us now to get a head start with your workouts, and the best start for becoming a whole new you.

**We have a fantastic, friendly and vey knowledgeable group of staff members
– they are here to help if there is anything you want to know!**

Our plans for 2017

This is a big year for VK Gym, and for our members.

We are expanding into the unit next door and that’s going to allow us to improve everything about the gym.

To begin with, in June we’ll have half the unit converted into a studio dedicated to classes – it’ll be a high-energy environment and loads of fun.

Click over to the Classes page for a list of what’s on offer. We’re building the list of available sessions, so keep checking back. And if there’s a class you’d like to see happening – or maybe one you’d like to run – get in touch. We’ve got some fantastic instructors coming on board, so far you can expect Spinning, Yoga and Functional Fitness and there’s more to come. Whether you’re looking to relax your mind and body, or release some stress – we’ve got it!

The changing facilities in the new space will be self-contained, so no need to go back to the main building to get in or out of your kit. There won’t be any resistance machines in the studio, so you’ll have maximum floorspace for maximum workout!

That’s just phase one!

Later this year the other half of the unit is ours. That’s where the new, dedicated boxing gym is going to be. The rings will move out of the current building and into their own space, along with the punchbags and mats for training.

So that leaves the gym with a whole lot more space! We’ll be bringing in more machines, expanding the free weights area and generally upgrading and improving the kit.

VK Gym - Total Fitness

Essentially - VK Gym is going to be pretty amazing as we move through 2017!

If you have any questions about the changes going on at VK – please don’t hesitate to stop by reception and have a chat. We know it’s going to be great and we hope you’ll agree!

When completions dates are available, we’ll let you know exactly when the
new areas are going to open – come back to check for latest news.