Making the Most of Your Membership

You know the cliche about gym memberships – how
people pay them every month and just don’t turn up?

At VK Gym, we’re not happy with the idea that our members could be wasting money – because you’ll also be wasting the opportunity to get fit, to rock your health, and live a great life. Having energy, enthusiasm, stamina and strength makes life so much easier! Being a healthy weight lets you go about your everyday activities easily and almost effortlessly.

VK Gym - Total Fitness

When you pay your subs but don’t turn up – it’s much, much more than money you’re wasting.

So what can we do to help you?

We know that sometimes it’s hard just finding the time and motivation to show up. If that’s an issue for you, our ‘appointment’ system can help – tell us you’re coming and we’ll expect you! If you don’t check in – we’ll be on your case… Hey, it’s your membership, if you genuinely can’t make it, it’s no problem – but knowing someone is expecting you can be the little push that gets you in your gym kit and working out.

These are some of the ways we help you to make the most of your membership:

  • By being as welcoming and supportive as possible – knowing there’s a friendly face and someone to ask for help if you need it makes the gym a great place to go.
  • We start everyone off on the right foot – we’ll spend time chatting to you, identifying your goals and motivation, then work with you to put a plan in place that works for you.
  • Monitoring and tracking your progress – it’s good for us to know that the gym is working for you, so we will – with your consent of course – keep in touch with how you’re doing, and maybe help you step up the pace as you get fitter.
  • ‘Appointments’ system to ensure you come down – that little bit of accountability is often all it takes to make you decide to get out of the house – or stop in on the way home. And once you’re here, you might as well work out, eh?
  • ‘Member of the Month’ award – if you’re happy to go a little bit public (your personal info is of course always safe) then you can go in for our Member of the Month competition, which will have some great rewards for the winners
  • Tips to help you make the gym a part of your routine – to get your head in it and keep you on track.

Basically, it’s our mission to really help you get the absolute most out of your membership. We’re not the average gym, we’re much more – and so are you!

VK Gym - Total Fitness
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VK Gym - Total Fitness

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