Instructor: Fiona Simms
Sessions: 45mins to 1 hour
(including warm up and cool down/stretch)
4 classes a week:
Monday and Wednesday: 6.30am
Tuesday: 6.15pm
Thursday: 7.00pm

Fiona’s spinning classes suit all levels of fitness and all ages (as long as you’re tall enough to sit on the bikes!) Spin cycling is a great cardio workout, and fantastic for burning calories. It’s a perfect exercise for weight loss, as well as building strength and stamina.

When you sign up for a course, you’ll work to a programme that progresses over time. As the weeks pass Fiona builds in interval training, hill climbs, power tracks and sprint tracks – all designed to build your stamina and lift your fitness.

Spinning is a fantastic, high energy, fun and uplifting class – you’ll be buzzing by the end of each session. Ok, pretty tired too, but you’ll know you’ve done good work.

Remember, you only need to work as hard as you feel able – Fiona will push you, but you’re in control at all times. If you need to, you just ease up for a while. This means the class is perfect for everyone, whatever your fitness level.

Fiona Simms

She is qualified to teach the Les Mills RPM spinning course and has been supporting and running spin classes in the Bognor area for quite a while. Chances are if you’ve been to a gym in Bognor in the past few years you’ll recognise her!

Fiona has spent some time working as a fitness consultant on cruise ships, which has taken her all over the world. Of course it’s really hard work and never as glamourous as it sounds, but it’s a great way to meet new people and get to grips with how to help them start taking really good care of themselves.

Now she’s back on dry land Fiona wants to put her skills and enthusiasm to good use and is delighted to be able to run regular classes at VK Gym.

She believes in constantly updating her experience and developing her knowledge of health and fitness. Fiona’s approach is to make her classes really welcoming and friendly. She’s always delighted to see new members of the class and invites all comers – whatever your current level of fitness, she will help you work out the right workout for you.

For more information or to book onto Fiona’s Spinning Classes at VK Gym, call 01243 862279