Jack Parham

If you want enthusiasm and passion from your personal trainer look no further then Jack. A Level 3 qualified PT, Jack is, quite literally, a member of the family, being the owner Charlie’s cousin.

Jack is interested in finding out from each of his clients what their core goals are, and why they wish to achieve them. Armed with that information he puts together specialised individual programs, designed to meet the needs of that person.

He has great all-round experience, and is continually studying and learning new techniques. He has a good knowledge of nutrition, so can help you to get your diet worked out. Jack also specialises in body conditioning, functional lifting using free weights, and circuits. Although Jack isn’t a qualified boxing coach, he has worked with Charlie over the years and has a firm grasp of the training techniques involved. That means he can recommend boxing training when he feels it would help you.

You likes to make his training sessions great fun but really effective. That way he knows you’ll keep coming back and that you’ll achieve the goals you set at the beginning.

To arrange a chat with Jack, please give us a call.