White Collar Boxing

The perfect antidote to a desk job… and a great way to make a contribution too. Let off steam with the best fitness regime there is, and raise money for charities into the bargain.

White Collar Boxing is a terrific release and an excellent way to get fit. Aimed at complete beginners, both men and women, we take you from totally new to boxing and teach you the techniques used by good fighters. Learn how to take a boxing stance, keep up your guard and use good footwork. We’ll teach you striking, combination punches and defence – dodging the punches is as important as throwing them!

You’ll get 8 weeks of great training from our qualified boxing instructors, as they take you from rookie to Rocky – well ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But you will feel your confidence growing as you learn the noble art. And you’ll be better able to run up stairs.

Plus you’ll find boxing training is fantastic for fitness, so you’re going to get some great toning while you learn.

All this takes place in a safe, professional environment, under the guidance of our team of trainers. All hold accredited qualifications and are conscious of your wellbeing at all times. But they’ll push you to achieve a good level of competence and skill so you’re ready to spar seriously.

Do I have to fight?

Not if you don’t want to – White Collar Boxing clubs offer you the chance to get in the ring and take part in a proper bout if you want, and all with the aim of raising money for charity.

But if you just want to come along and enjoy the social side, the club feeling, and the camaraderie that comes with training hard with your friends, this is for you. And did we mention you’ll get pretty fit too? We’ll be talking to you about your nutrition and lifestyle too – being a good boxer means working on those areas as well.

White Collar Boxing is a fantastic de-stress at the end of a day dealing with business. And if your job is pretty desk-bound, it’ll give your body the exercise and movement it craves. Bring your work mates along too and get some healthy competition going.

Open to everyone – men, women, young and old – come down to VK Gym and get involved!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s always advisable to consult your GP before you start exercising or make any dietary changes. The only time you’ll need to have a medical at the gym is before you take part in a bout, but it’ll be a while before you get to that stage.

White Collar Boxing was originally aimed at office workers – people with desk-bound jobs who wanted to let off some steam after a day on the phone or at a computer. But everyone is welcome. Whatever your job, if boxing appeals to you – either from a fitness training standpoint, or with a view to getting in the ring with an opponent – we’d love to have you come down and get involved.

Boxing training involves hard physical work, so if you’re not used to exercise, we advise that you visit your GP and get checked out.

In general, if you’re taking part in the fitness training side only, then there are no risks at all. You won’t be taking part in fights, just going through the training regime that helps boxers get incredibly fit.

If you’re aiming to get in the ring and take part in sparring or a bout, then you will be wearing a headguard to protect your face and head. You’ll also be wearing 16 ounce heavyweight gloves. They are heavier but softer because they contain more padding than the pro gloves. This protects you against injuries to your hands and your face or body.

Of course, with boxing there is the slight risk that you could get a bloody nose, a cut or a black eye, but the equipment is designed to minimise that happening. The level you will be boxing at, safety is a primary concern and White Collar Boxing is no more dangerous than any other active sport.

Our coaches are first aid trained in case of any rare minor injuries during training. When bouts are scheduled, we have a paramedic in attendance throughout the event. They will give you a quick medical check up before and after the bout, and are there to deal with any injuries you get during the fight.

We’ve never had any serious injuries, and very few minor ones beyond those strains and sprains you might expect a physical sport to result in sometimes.

Your training and supervision throughout your time at  White Collar Boxing is designed to keep you safe whilst maximising the fun and benefit that you get for taking part.

White Collar Boxing costs just £5 per session, payable on the day. If you want to take part in a bout, you don’t have to pay any money to enter, but you DO have to sell 20 tickets to your family, friends and colleagues.

The money for charities comes from the tickets sales, most of which is donated to charities decided on amongst the participating boxers. Expenses such as the cost of the paramedic and any additional costs will be taken from ticket sales.

There will also be buckets passed around on the night so people can add to the funds – all of that goes to the charity or charities nominated to receive a donation.