There’s everything you need to achieve
your health and fitness goals at VK Gym

At VK Gym we offer a welcoming and supportive environment in a friendly, family-run space

Work out in our fully equipped gym then relax in the comfortable lounge area with a well-earned coffee

VK Gym - Total Fitness

Here at VK Gym our aim is to help you reach your health and fitness goals by working with you – all the way!

A Large, Up-to-Date Range of Resistance Machines and Free Weights
NEW: Coming Soon – Dedicated Studio for a New Range of Fitness Classes
WHITE COLLAR BOXING From Beginner to Contender Learn to Box at VK Gym

Are you concerned about your health and fitness?
Has that made you decide to get in shape this year?

If so, VK Gym is the place for you.

Why? Well, we’re very aware of those old jokes about joining a gym, paying every month, then never going. That doesn’t happen so much with our clients. And that’s not only because it’s a great place to come and work out – we have a genuine interest in how you’re doing. We’re not a corporate machine that’s only interested in your money and doesn’t care if you actually turn up or not.

In fact our range of membership options keeps you in complete control.

VK Gym - Total Fitness

Working with you to achieve your goals

We work with you to set up the best kind of routine, allowing you do achieve your goals. Then we check in with you regularly. If you’re struggling, we’ll do everything to help overcome those obstacles, because it matters to us that you get the results you’re seeking, and live a fit and healthy life. 

Our members are like an extended family – and you care about how your family are doing, right?

So – our promise to you is that we will do all we can to help you get the best value from your membership, and, more importantly, to really see your health and fitness improving month after month.

When you come to VK Gym, you’ll find it’s more than just a place to work out.

And now you can take advantage of our latest addition – the VK Therapy Lounge. Whether you have an injury, or just need some time out, take a look at what we can offer you.

VK Gym - Total Fitness
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